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Friday, July 11, 2008


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Yes - why yes it does, doesn't it?

Worldwide Pablo

We love the apps, and have managed to download four within the first few hours of owning the new iPhone. In fact, this post was created entirely on the iPhone, using the very helpful TypePad app -- which truth be told, is easier and faster than using TypePad itself. Of course, it goes almost without saying that the elegance and ease of use are big pluses.

Standing in line for 3-1/2 hours was interesting. Not as bad as the folks ahead us: When we arrived, the folks walking out the door reported having been in line for six to seven hours or so, Apple server problems being the glitch. We were luckier.

The Apple Store folks did everything they could to make it a fun experience: umbrellas (the sun was murderous at Bridgeport Village by mid-afternoon), water, suntan lotion and sunblock, candy, a handcounting of who wanted what so that no one waited in line in vain, and on and on.

There's some bugginess in the PC version, but we're finding workarounds. The final workaround, we think, will be a new computer.

And then, WWP's assimilation will be complete!

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