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Monday, January 30, 2006


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The One True b!X

A longtime family friend once told me a story the bulk and details of which escape me. But the gist was that it was during his youthful days of counterculture, and wherever he was, he (and maybe a couple others) were outside some corporate sort of building, mainly looking like dirty countercultural youth.

This woman came out of the businesslike building, started talking with them, and eventually just sat down on the curb with them for awhile. I think they might have shared lunch.

Turned out it was, in fact, Harper Lee.

No particular moral here, but the story continues to live in the corner of my brain somewhere.

Worldwide Pablo

There seems to be a plethora of such stories, lately, unbidden until current times, waiting to be told. WWP is fascinated by Ms. Lee [and perhaps it shows too much]. b!x: Thanks for sharing the more-than-interesting tidbit. It is kindly noted. [Anyone else?]

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