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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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Gale Smith

Having lived in Clatsop County, who's seat is Astoria, Oregon, for merely the last 50 years, I wish I had the opportunity to meet this "affable" & "likable" DA who is a "get along" person who "loves" law and democracy. Alas, the only DA I have had the misfortune to meet and know is Joshua Marquis, a contentious, egotist who "gets along" with absolutely no one. Who refused to do a performance based budget until the county commissioners took his county paid stipend away from him for a lack of compliance and then who wrote a ballot measure to mandate a county salary for a district attorney be made an addendum to the county charter, whether or not the district attorney provided any county services or cooperated in the county budget process. That sound "get along" to you? When the ballot measure was defeated he has since organized a committee to recall each of the commissioners who voted to remove his stipend. Sound like a democracy to you? Sound like a lover of law to you? See http://clatsopcocontroversy.com/ ; http://driedsalmonmatters.blogspot.com/ ; and http://driedsalmon.proboards54.com/ if you want to see how this "affable" "law abiding" democracy lover operates in his home county. Anyone want him? We're setting up coin banks all over the county to send him packing.

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