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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


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Worldwide Pablo today bemoans the fact that the anti-gay-marriage initiative that's going on the November ballot here in Oregon is sure to win. Not only that, but he notes that it will bring right-wingers out in droves, which could cost... [Read More]

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Chuck Currie

If you want to blame someone you ought to also point the finger at Basic Rights Oregon. This was their idea.


WWP, I'll leave you to guess if my name is one of those signatures. But I will say this, I am so glad this happened. The results of all those signatures tells me that God still has his people and Oregon is not as close to the abyss as I thought. I truly am happy that this innitiative made it to the voters!


I don't think I'd get too worried about it. They were out in force in front of my Catholic Church on Sunday, hitting up just about everybody. For the signature gatherers, this would be known as "Low hanging fruit." - easy money. However, when it comes to the actual election, I think the more reasonble position will defeat this measure.


Dream on, MojoMark. Rest assured this measure will pass; the only uncertainty is whether it will take Bush in with it.

I didn't really think Oregon was much a "swing state" this year as everyone proclaimed. I surely do now.

Meanwhile, the tax and economic structures of the state, which desperately need public attention, will lose to another round of relatively symbolic ones.

Worldwide Pablo

WWP suspects church folk will be blamed both for making the same-sex marriage amendment possible -- and for failing to stop if from happening.

Stake out your positions carefully. Some of us are taking notes.

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