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Friday, March 12, 2004


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Rob S.

Well, I'm a friend, so I'll say Latin soccer stud. Since my family name is shared by that of a rather famous movie and TV star, a search of my name came up with many images of him--he is, afterall, a very, very distant cousin. I also found a mug shot of a closer relative, and a very distinguished 19th century clergyman. I only wish the football players who actually share the same name as mine had images for Google to find. Thanks for the helping me waste more time. Rob S., a.k.a., "The Housemate"


I feel like I must discuss a few photos: the Bootscooter is no bootscooter; he's zydeco pablo, and that's cool, yo. Thin skinned PDX residents would call primate pablo racist. I'd go with Picasso, because as we know, he never got called an asshole.


Yeah, dude, Picasso.


I have to cast my vote for Latin soccer stud. Yum!


This was easy -- it's obviously Party Dude Pablo.

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