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Friday, February 13, 2004


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The first thing i saw when i cruised on into Worldwide Pablo's place was ... Scantily clad men! . Probably on my next shifting around of links, WWP will end up on here somewhere. heh.... [Read More]


J of East Bufu

World Wide Pablo Rules! The First Annual Swimsuit Edition is one of the most truly tasteless and demeaning things I've ever seen! Keep up the good work!



I had a Math teacher in high school who was an older funny short middle eastern balding guy who would always make a show of finally receiving the swinsuit edition. He had it his desk the first week or so, and I got to take a gander at it one day. Mmmm. Some of them were ridiculous, but some were actually kinda hot. Keep in mind, I was crushed out on many of my soccer/softball team at the time. So anyways, the swimsuit edition we lezzie girls liked just fine.


ALSO, must mention I most certainly enjoyed your above tasteful production you have put together; and the commentary was pretty amusing too.

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