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Worldwide Pablo (WWP) is the alter-ego of Paul C. Nickell of Portland, Oregon (USA). He is solely responsible for the content of this web log and website.

Things you will find on the Worldwide Pablo website: News and commentary (along with web-linking to other websites and blogs) on local and national politics, gays and religion, current events, the arts, and whatever else strikes his fancy on any given day.

Some facts about Worldwide Pablo: He is single. Pablo is just a nickname. (Sorry to disappoint, but he has no Latin blood, alas.) He has all his teeth, and most of his marbles. He has a car, and house too. He is old enough to remember "Leave It to Beaver" when it originally aired. He has a nice day job (that he enjoys), editing a monthly magazine for a statewide organization of professionals. He's won a few awards. He has two cats. He emerged from the "heterosexual lifestyle" at an early age. He's an unrepentent United Methodist. He is registered as a Democrat only because the state of Oregon forces him to choose. He does not smoke. He was a Boy Scout only until he got his driver's license. He works out four to five times a week. He goes to church, verily, every Sunday, rain for shine. He usually sings off-key. He's available.

You are welcome and encouraged to make links to this website or to use anything from it. Worldwide Pablo only asks that you give him credit, by hyperlink or otherwise. (He’s a vain thing, that WWP.)

If you would like to receive semi-regular e-mail messages reminding you when Worldwide Pablo is updated, subscribe to the Yahoo! list by using the handy form below. It's easy to do, and WWP does not abuse the privilege of having your e-mail address by sharing it with anyone.

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